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This gallery shows a small selection of recent work.

To collaborate on a project, commission artwork or view my full portfolio of designs available to license please email me.

DAWN MACHELL_nature book spread.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_nature pattern.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_cat and flowers illustration.jpg

Quirky colour palettes for illustration projects and patterns

DAWN MACHELL_frog on a lilypad.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_dinosaur book spread.jpg
Children's book illustration
DAWN MACHELL_flowers allover print.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_farmers.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_farm spread.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_under the sea illustration.jpg
Rhyming animals project
DAWN MACHELL_earth day illustration.jpg
Illustration for all sectors of the children's market
DAWN MACHELL_rhyming animals.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_rhyming animals_capybara.jpg
Woodland friends ... patterns and illustrations
DAWN MACHELL_woodland mouse pattern.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_woodland animals spread illustration.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_woodland owl illustration.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_woodland pattern.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_woodland dog walk illustration.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_in the wild print.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_on the farm print.jpg
Wall art design and map illustration
DAWN MACHELL_map of lockdown walk.jpg
Character design and illustration for patterns and placements
DAWN MACHELL_available to license.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_alnimal print.jpg
DAWN MACHELL_alphabet print.jpg
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